Memo Page Markers
  • Ideal for organising those recipe books, reminding you of key points in novels, or highlighting important pages when studying.

    Made of thin card makes them robust enough to be re-used and moved around, as well as thin enough to keep your books compact.

    Great for using over and over again by simply writing your notes in pencil, erasing it, and using it again.


    Perfect for recipe lovers, teachers & students, and bookworms!


    - 8cm (length)
    - 4cm (width)

    Included in the:

    - Neutral Set
    10 x White, 10 x Light Grey, 10 x Dark Grey, 10 x Kraft

    - Pastel Colour Set
    10 x Blue, 10 x Green, 10 x Yellow, 10 x Pink

    - Bold Colour Set
    10 x Blue, 10 x Orange, 10 x Green, 10 x Yellow

    Memo Page Markers

    Colour Set