Leaf shaped Wax Wraps
  • Preserve foods of all different shapes and sizes. Pack a snack, cover bowls with leftovers, wrap up bread or sandwiches or vegetables and fruit.

    - Natural, reusable, alternative to cling film.
    - Keeps food fresh. Pack of 3 for multi-purpose use.
    - Cotton cloth, beeswax, tree resin & vegetable oil.
    - 3 leaf shapes per pack: Banana (L) Cabbage (M) Perilla (S)

    Large 40 x 28cm | 16" x 11"
    Medium 30 x 24cm | 12" x 9"
    Small 21 x 18cm | 8" x 7"

    Plastic free product and packaging.

    Easy to use: Fold-to-fit, then press and seal with the warmth of your hands to create natural, breathable storage in seconds. Each wrap lasts 120 - 150 uses, or up to one year. Wash in cool soapy water. Do not heat.

    An idea by us, Taylor Jacks, produced and made by Suck UK.

    Leaf shaped Wax Wraps