To put it simply we believe design should be great, long lived or unobtrusive to nature. 

Design should be great on all levels, not just from an "oooo isn't that pretty" level.

Design should be well made, timeless and fit for the present day.


Basically we're designers, treasure hunters and collectable creators.

We travel, learn, and explore everywhere & everything.

We'll re-surface great examples of design from past and present which are

well-made or timeless objects, as well as creating amazing ideas of our own,

either way they'll be blinking great and worth getting hold of!


I've always loved being outdoors & enjoying the most of the countryside around my

 home county of Staffordshire. Richmond Upon Thames is where I now call home, with plenty of parks, museums, galleries, and exhibitions on my doorstep, which is also where

you're most likely to find me. 


From a young age I've always had an interest in design, antiques & collectables. My childhood consisted mostly of sitting with my Nan watching 'Bargain Hunt' and 'Flog It' back to back, usually accompanied by an endless amount of tea and biscuits, which didn't go a miss!

In my teens I started making my way around the charity shops and car boot sales in search for those special finds, which was also a great excuse for tea & hot doughnuts from the catering stands. If you haven't realised yet, I have a really sweet tooth, which you can also blame my Nan for.

I always saw all of this as fun rather than a career, which is why I chose to go down a horticultural design route, combining design & the outdoors. This resulted in becoming involved in tree surgery, the opportunity to spend everyday outside, and be given tea & biscuits all day by customers...what

more can you ask for! Unfortunately that all came to an end when my head got in

the way of a falling conifer.

Constantly looking up for falling trees, I felt I needed to branch out and find my next calling...auctions.

I started visiting local auction houses, buying and selling bits & bobs, whilst constantly asking auctioneers for the opportunity to become a porter lugging around the heavy wardrobes just to get my foot in the door. Eventually one caved in, gave me a shot, and I became the saleroom manager before I knew it! This well and truly fueled my addiction for antiques.

A few more years down the line and I thought..."I'm 24, getting on a bit, wouldn't it be great to do a degree!" So that's what I did, left the auction house, and began on a product design path following

my love for creativity. Throughout the degree I worked at a toy design company, a timber factory, appeared in adverts, won design competitions, and went on European design tours...some of

the best & inspirational years of my life. Then completed it all with a First which was great!

Next up was London, the daunting big smoke. When visiting an exhibition at the NEC, I bumped into a gift design company with a job opportunity in East London, this became my next venture. I moved to the greenest outdoorsy area I could find around the capital, into a property next door to Sir David Attenborough...which makes logical sense...in Richmond. From then on I've designed over 10

products that have gone to mass market. You can see some of them on our site.

I enjoy design and creativity of both the old & the new, and feel from all of my knowledge and experience that modern day design as a whole should be a lot better. There are products from the past that have been designed & made so well which are unfortunately overlooked, and there are so many new products that unfortunately are poorly created, which are seen and bought by millions.


This is where Taylor Jacks comes in.


I want to combine all I've learned over the past 30 years to showcase great design.

Design should be well thought through, well made, and created to last, or be unobtrusive to nature. 

Life story over...now time to put the kettle on and get the biscuits out!

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